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S4 EP15: The Secret Ex-Rock Star at The Ford Foundation

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With her band Tsunami and record label Simple Machines, Jenny Toomey was a fixture on the '90s Washington, D.C. indie music scene. On this episode, Toomey shares her evolution from rocker to founder of the Future of Music Coalition to director at the Ford Foundation, one of the world's wealthiest philanthropies. Be prepared to hear a lot of amazing music...and an inspiring ideas about how youthful ideals can mature into pragmatic and powerful careers.

**Who You'll Hear: **@manoushz (Manoush Zomorodi, host of ZigZag and cofounder of Stable Genius Productions), @jpoyant (Jen Poyant, cohost of ZigZag and cofounder of Stable Genius Productions) @jennytoomey (Jenny Toomey, Director of the Internet Freedom Unit at the Ford Foundation)

***Season 4 of ZigZag is examining the current culture of business and work, figuring out what needs to change, and experimenting with new ways to do it. ***

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