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S4 EP10: This is What a Male Identity Crisis Sounds Like

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Eighteen months. That's how long Khe Hy (pronounced Kay Hee) gave himself to figure out his life after quitting his extremely well-paid job at Blackrock Financials. His friends called him nuts. His immigrant parents thought they'd failed him. But his wife was supportive. She and Khe set some ground rules ("no stressing over little luxuries like ordering wine") and then embarked on an adventure to discover if he could make enough money to support his family, feel intellectually satisfied, and NOT check email when his kids are around. Hear what he, Manoush and Jen take Khe's quiz to better understand their own relationship to money.

***Season 4 of ZigZag is about examining the current culture
of business and work, figuring out what needs to change, and
experimenting with new ways to do it. ***

**Who You'll Hear: **@manoushz (Manoush Zomorodi, host of ZigZag and cofounder of Stable Genius Productions), @jpoyant (Jen Poyant, cohost of ZigZag and cofounder of Stable Genius Productions), @khemaridh (Khe Hy, Contributing Editor at Quartz and Creator of Rad Reads)

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