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Secrets #5 - The Third Family

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Secrets is a show about the secrets we all carry inside of us. How do you know if you ever truly know someone?

Mohamed's father abandoned Mohamed, his mother and his sisters and moved back to Morocco. There he started a third family. He told Mohamed's mother nothing of this, and told the new family in Morocco that his family in Sweden had died. Mohamed's father died of brain cancer in 1998, carrying all of these secrets with him into the grave.

Also in episode five: We meet Swedish comedian Tobias Strom, whose long-distance girlfriend told him she was dying of cancer. But the details didn't quite add up.

Secrets is produced and hosted by Mohamed El Abed and Martin Johnson, with additional reporting by Asa Secher, from the Swedish production company, Soundtelling. Executive producer is Julie Shapiro. Artwork is by Sepidar Hosseini, and music is by Min stora sorg.

Secrets is a production of Showcase, from PRX's Radiotopia. Find out more and listen to the previous series, Ways of Hearing and The Polybius Conspiracy, at