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Introducing... Showcase from Radiotopia

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Radiotopia is pleased to introduce Showcase, a new podcast featuring original series of all stripes, from producers around the world. For this intro episode, Roman Mars (99% Invisible host / creator and Radiotopia partner) talks with Julie Shapiro (Radiotopia executive producer) about the project. Hint: This is a podcast for the adventurous listener.

Plus! Hear a preview of the first Showcase series, a six-parter about listening in the digital age, from acclaimed musician, writer and thinker Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Damon and Naomi). Each episode looks at a different way that the switch from analog to digital audio is changing our perceptions: of time, space, love, money, and power. Subscribe now to hear Ways of Hearing when it launches on Friday, August 4th.

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