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Errthang #6 - John Coffey Refuses to Save the World, Part One

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In this episode, Errthang takes on radio drama: John Coffey waits to play his part in The Green Mile in the room of Magical Negroes. With him are other Magical Negroes: Mother Abigail, Bagger Vance, and God (with a Little g). When John learns the nature of his power, he doesn't want to be magical anymore and refuses to go. But everyone has to play their part, or the universe might fall apart. John Coffey and the rest of the Magical Negroes wrestle with question; are we all destined to play the roles we are cast?

Errthang is produced and hosted by Al Letson, with co-host and music supervisor Willie Evans Jr., show systemizer Brie Burge and actor Jason Stephens. Check out season one here.

This episode features Larry Knight (as John Coffey), David Girard (Legba), Jason Stephens (God with a little g), Toni Lang Philips (Mother Abigail), Steven Anderson (Bagger Vance), Bill Ratliff (Stephen King), Brooks Anne (Clerk).

S2 of Errthang is a production of Showcase, from PRX's Radiotopia. Find out more and listen to the previous series, Ways of Hearing, The Polybius Conspiracy and Secrets, at